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Most of the time on our blog you will read about a great medical professional with a great recommendation from us. Today we wanted to spin the normal and bring you something for the medical professionals, as we know we do have a decent amount of medical professional readers. For those of you who own your own medical practice, medical spa, work within a medical practice or manage we found a key marketing tool for you. MediGrowth is a marketing company that focuses only on marketing for medical professionals.

Marketing is such a big deal for any business. Marketing is known as the action of promoting and selling a product or service. As simple as that and is really the building blocks for starting, growing or maintaining a business. When it comes down to it any business needs to promote and sell a product or service. MediGrowth works with your medical practice or business to help promote you via SEO or Search Engine Optimization; or better known as ranking your businesses website on all the search engines like Google.

MedSpa Marketing

With modern age technology most people search for what they are needing online right? So when you own a business such as a medical spa you want to make sure your medspa is ranking number one on Google for not only “medspa + your location” but also for each service that you offer. Say you own a medspa and you do Botox you want to be right there on the first page of Google for “Botox + your location” because  your clients are searching just that online when they are looking for help with Botox.

medspa marketing

If marketing and more specifically SEO is something that you are needing help with and you own a medspa or really any other medical practice contact MediGrowth today. We have seen first hand how they can help take a new business like a medspa (as we have seen happen) and make it a successful business within just a few short months with their SEO help. Contact MediGrowth today or check out their website and information for medspa marketing and make a change in your business for the better.

How to Find the Best Dentist for Your Family

Whether you have just moved to a new area or if you are just looking to find a new dentist it can be overwhelming with all of the choices. You might be asking yourself “how to find the best dentist for your family“. Choosing a medical professional for your family is a very important and crucial decision. There are 3 great ways to narrow down your search and help you find a new dentist or medical professional. Here are the 3 best ways that we have found to locate a new dentist.

How to find the best dentist for your family

  1. Ask your family doctor – ask for a recommendation from a doctor that you already trust and one that knows you and your family. There are plenty of medical professionals within the same network so he or she should have a great name to give you!
  2. Ask your family, neighbor or coworker – ask for a recommendation from someone you know and love. If you are close with them then chances are you care for your families similarly so you should be able to get a great name of a dentist to help you and your family.
  3. Research dentists online via Google, Yelp or Health Grades – Google something like “dentist + your zip code” to get a few different names of dentists in your area. Once you have some names make sure you read the ratings and reviews on them. Getting a feeling for how you and your family will be treated based on how other families have been treated will give you some peace of mind.

how to find the best dentist for your family

There are of course many different options for finding the name of a great medical professional or dentist for you and your family. The most important thing is feeling comfortable with who you choose, these 3 different options will ensure that you are comfortable as you are getting recommendations from people you trust as well as reading about families just like you who had positive experiences.

General Dental Check Ups – New Year New Teeth!

A very happy new year to you!

A new year means fresh new beginnings and for a lot of people it gives them a chance to change some of their health habits. Whether they opt for getting a gym membership, changing eating habits, going on a diet or joining a yoga class the new year makes it a great time to incorporate change. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great resolution to have at any age but it doesn’t always mean changing habits or routines, sometimes is means preventing. Staying on track with your regular check ups with your doctors and dentists can sometimes make or break a healthy lifestyle. We chatted with a local dentist in Fort Worth Texas to talk a little about the importance of dental check ups and staying on track with your dental visits.

Dentist Fort Worth

A dental check up every 6 months is a great way to stay on top of your dental health which attributes to your overall healthy lifestyle. Routine hygiene appointments and exams with your dentist will help maintain excellent oral health and will also allow for your dentist to detect any types of issues before they become any worse.

Healthy teeth are important to each and everyone and maintaining your natural teeth for as long as possible is a goal that each person should have year in and year out. No matter what type of condition your teeth are currently in, it is best to have them taken care of before conditions worsen.

Being as we are just in the new year, we challenge you to set up your 2 dental appointments this week. Get them on  your schedule even if you will need to change them so that you will remember to go in and see your dentist for your check ups. Dr. Mehta is an excellent dentist located in Fort Worth Texas so if you are looking for a new dentist, or you recently moved to the area check out dentist fort worth and give him a call to set up your appointments.

Remember having a gym membership is a great thing to have, but healthy teeth are even greater! Set up your appointments today!

Dentist Fort Worth

A Great Dentist in Frisco Tx For YOU!

Hi everyone – happy Monday again!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday ahead! I know we are! Today I wanted to continue on with our recommendations as we have gotten a lot of great feedback from you guys with questions and comments about more recommendations and that’s what we are here for! The next one we have came to us from a reader and a mother of 4 named Sarah. Sarah lives in Frisco Texas and wanted to share a great new dentist office she discovered for herself and her family named Little Big Smiles.

Dentist in Frisco TX

Sarah described her experience at Little Big Smiles “EXCEPTIONAL!” never before has she said that about a family dentist and never has she found one her children are fond of too. Sarah said her kids range from the age of 14 months to 7 years old and Little Big Smiles did an exceptional job of caring for each one. Her little 14 month old had her first visit to the dentist and it couldn’t have gone better. The staff at Little Big Smiles and Dr. Chen himself are so great with kids its makes having a family dentist so easy and convenient for busy mothers like Sarah! The office is clean, modern and great for kids too. Sarah would recommend this dentist in frisco tx to anyone living near by!

dentist in frisco tx

For more information about Dr. Chen or Little Big Smiles – check them out online or give them a call for questions or to set up your next appointment.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


Looking For a Pediatric Dentist For Your Children?

Happy Monday!

We are so happy to hear that everyone loved our post about the dentist recommendation in Plano Texas so we thought well, why not talk about a children’s dentist too! Jon McClure from McClure Pediatric Dentistry is a phenomenal pediatric dentist. Having been in the industry for many years and being such a kid at heart, he really thrives at what he does. Jon tells everyone that he is really a kid a heart and one that never wants to grow up. Jon McClure is located in McKinney Texas and operates with an equally experienced staff.

Taking your children to the dentist, or really any medical professional can be a difficult task, especially if your child doesn’t feel comfortable. Making your children feel comfortable is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to taking them into the doctors or dentist and building a relationship between the child and the professional is a great way to make the child feel comfortable. That is just what Jon McClure and his staff do. They aim to make a lasting relationship with your children so that they know and feel comfortable with them and actually want to come back to see them. McClure’s office is extremely kid friendly with inviting colors and activities in the waiting area. Just take a look at some of the reviews fellow parents left about this awesome pediatric dentist online!

If you are in the McKinney area and are looking for a dentist for your children, check out Jon McClure Pediatrics and let us know what you think – you won’t regret it!

pediatric dentist

A Great Dentist Recommendation in Plano Texas

Happy Wednesday to you!

Today we wanted to share with you our very first recommendation for a great dentist office located in Plano Texas. We plan to share with you recommendations as frequent as we hear good things about them. Most of our recommendations with either come from our readers, friends, family or even personal experiences. We enjoy telling you about new businesses or even established businesses that can help make your life that much better! Our very first one the Dr. Hui brothers from Paragon Dentistry.

Dr. Jason and Nelson Hui from Plano Texas are the brothers behind Paragon Dentistry. They also run a helpful website all about dental questions, concerns and treatments. Together they have a vast amount of experience and training from around the country. Just a simple click on their website and they will help you find various answers to questions you would think you would need a trip to the dentist to answer. Learn about veneers, crowns, implants, whitening, toothaches, children’s dental needs and more simply with the click of a mouse. How helpful is that? And the best part, if you cannot find the answer to your questions you can contact them and they will get back with you ASAP – no need for a dental trip!

Whether you are looking for a new family dentist or you simply have dental concerns and questions, feel free to check out the Hui brothers at dentist plano texas and they will get you all taken care of! Go ahead, we recommend you contact them – you will not be disappointed!

dentist plano texas

3 Actives That Could Harm Your Teeth

If you are someone who takes really good care of your teeth – brushes twice a day, flosses, and visits the dentist regularly, you could still be missing something! Certain actives that you do daily could be effecting the health of your teeth. Here are just 5 examples of things that could be effecting your teeth that you aren’t aware are :

  1. Weight Lifting – Teeth clenching is a frequent response when lifting heavy weights. The clenching causes extreme pressure on your teeth and can lead to cracking. To avoid this – consider wearing a mouth guard when lifting weights.
  2. Taking Medication – Certain medicines such as those for allergies, depression and other illness can cause dryness in your mouth. Lack of salivation or saliva in your mouth causes your teeth to undergo extreme dangers. To avoid this – chew sugar free gum throughout the day to stimulate the salivation glands.
  3. Brushing Incorrectly – If you are someone who brushes immediately after eating acidic foods such as juice, soda, fruit or sports drinks, you are actually weakening the enamale on your teeth. Doing this can lead to weakening, yellowing or cracking. To avoid this – gently rise your mouth with water following acidic foods and beverages. Wait 40 minutes until the calcium in your saliva to resurface on the damaged areas.

Until next time everyone – thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more health related tips, tricks and recommendations!


Healthy Teeth – Healthy Life

Maintaining healthy teeth is so crucial to your overall health. We spoke to a dentist in Houston, Texas and we asked him to share with us 3 helpful tips on how to maintain healthy teeth as well as a healthy lifestyle. Here is what he had to say :

Tip 1 : Brush twice a day and floss once a day – This tip is one I am sure you have heard 100 times but our friend and local dentist Dr. Chen could not stress the importance of consistently brushing your teeth and flossing enough. If you are looking to maintain healthy teeth this is one of your most important steps.

Tip 2 : Rinse or chew gum after meals – Rinsing with an antibacterial rinse following your meals will help to prevent decay and gum problems. You may also opt for a sugar-free gum to do the trick.

Tip 3 : Eat smart – Start on a healthy diet at the youngest age possible. A well balanced diet of whole foods – grains, fruits, veggies, nuts, and dairy will provide the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as healthy teeth.

Stay tuned for more tips from Dr. Chen and more inside scoop on the medical industry!

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