3 Actives That Could Harm Your Teeth

If you are someone who takes really good care of your teeth – brushes twice a day, flosses, and visits the dentist regularly, you could still be missing something! Certain actives that you do daily could be effecting the health of your teeth. Here are just 5 examples of things that could be effecting your teeth that you aren’t aware are :

  1. Weight Lifting – Teeth clenching is a frequent response when lifting heavy weights. The clenching causes extreme pressure on your teeth and can lead to cracking. To avoid this – consider wearing a mouth guard when lifting weights.
  2. Taking Medication – Certain medicines such as those for allergies, depression and other illness can cause dryness in your mouth. Lack of salivation or saliva in your mouth causes your teeth to undergo extreme dangers. To avoid this – chew sugar free gum throughout the day to stimulate the salivation glands.
  3. Brushing Incorrectly – If you are someone who brushes immediately after eating acidic foods such as juice, soda, fruit or sports drinks, you are actually weakening the enamale on your teeth. Doing this can lead to weakening, yellowing or cracking. To avoid this – gently rise your mouth with water following acidic foods and beverages. Wait 40 minutes until the calcium in your saliva to resurface on the damaged areas.

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Healthy Teeth – Healthy Life

Maintaining healthy teeth is so crucial to your overall health. We spoke to a dentist in Houston, Texas and we asked him to share with us 3 helpful tips on how to maintain healthy teeth as well as a healthy lifestyle. Here is what he had to say :

Tip 1 : Brush twice a day and floss once a day – This tip is one I am sure you have heard 100 times but our friend and local dentist Dr. Chen could not stress the importance of consistently brushing your teeth and flossing enough. If you are looking to maintain healthy teeth this is one of your most important steps.

Tip 2 : Rinse or chew gum after meals – Rinsing with an antibacterial rinse following your meals will help to prevent decay and gum problems. You may also opt for a sugar-free gum to do the trick.

Tip 3 : Eat smart – Start on a healthy diet at the youngest age possible. A well balanced diet of whole foods – grains, fruits, veggies, nuts, and dairy will provide the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as healthy teeth.

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