Find out who are the pop singers who have made history in the musical field, so you can discover a little more about them and the songs that made them worthy of a place on this list.

6 Pop idols who set the tone in music history

Without a doubt, there are many pop stars who have set the tone in the musical field with their greatest hits, however it seems a constant rule that most of them have had a tragic end to their careers.

Michael Jackson

Also affectionately nicknamed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson lived from 1958 to 2009. This iconic entertainer needs no further introduction to know who you’re talking about.

From a young age, Michael reaped musical successes accompanied by his brothers and later, individually, he managed to reach the pinnacle of stardom, consolidating himself as an icon of pop music worldwide.

However, this star went out after his death in 2009, apparently due to an accident in which he mixed two medications that caused him to be poisoned and later died.

Whitney Houston

The musical star Whitney Houston, lived between 1963 and 2012 and achieved musical stardom, managing to position herself with a Guinness record as the most awarded singer in music history.

The particular tone of voice of this singer and her warmth on stage earned her a place of honor among the most prominent idols of pop music while she was still alive.

Unfortunately, in 2012, his physical departure was announced after an overdose of narcotics that cost him the excesses of years. Whitney Houston went in and out of rehabilitation on several occasions, however these treatments did not bear fruit and her addiction to drugs and alcohol ended up taking its toll.

The Ramones

The original members of this band were four iconic pop artists who managed to achieve stardom in their musical careers, however the physical disappearance of several of them generated noticeable changes in their quality as a group, causing them to lose part of the fame they had achieved. .

Although this group is still active today in the field of music production, there are more fans who embrace the four original members of the group and the music they made together.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is considered a shooting pop star, since she lived between 1983 and 2011, her musical career being one of the shortest but most successful in the entertainment industry.

Despite her physical departure, Amy Winehouse continues to be a highly influential artist in musical pop culture today. His death originated after living outside the law with excesses and addictions that ended up taking his life.

The young artist died at the age of 27 after ingesting massive amounts of alcohol and a lethal overdose that ended up killing her.


Prince is another of the giants of the pop industry along with Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Madonna, he lived between 1958 and 2016, so it is possible to ensure that his musical career was long and full of great successes.

Unfortunately, his physical departure was a surprise for the entire scope of the musical show, leaving everyone speechless at the discovery of his body in a studio he owned in Minneapolis.

However, many take solace in the knowledge that Prince died doing what he loved most, making music in his studio.


Affectionately dubbed by the media as the princess of pop, Madonna Louise Ciccone is considered a true diva in the musical field. He was born in 1958 and at 64 years of age he continues to produce and sing musical hits that transcend time.

The quality of her musical work and her irreverence have undoubtedly been the main reasons why the famous singer has managed to penetrate the world of music as one of the giants of the Pop Industry.